Professional Assessments

‘The Kolbe A Index is designed to measure the conative faculty of the mind — the actions you take that result from your natural instincts. It validates an individual’s natural talents, the instinctive method of operation (M.O.) that enables one to be productive.’

Results Summary: “Janet, your Kolbe A Index results show that you are excellent at coming up with unique strategies, prioritizing opportunities, and dealing with the unknowns in complex problems. You are the go-to person when elaborate projects are in trouble. You deal with risks/uncertainty by responding to challenges, making necessary adjustments, handling last-minute changes, seeking alternatives and coping with unknowns. You have a knack for seeing solutions, visualizing possibilities, conceptualizing what could be, having discussions, making decisions.”

‘The Drake P3 system is an advanced behavioural profiling instrument capable of generating a variety of easy-to-use, in-depth, and accurate computerized profiles for accelerated insights into behaviour and personality.’

Results Summary: “Janet, you are very adaptable. You adjust smoothly to environments and cultures of many varieties. If circumstances require you to use your exceptional ability to assume a broad range of responsibilities, or to take on various roles, you manage with calmness and composure. Flexibility is a quality that you value in regard to yourself and when dealing with people. You enjoy interacting with people, and you are a natural team player.”

Communication style: “Janet, you have strong social skills and are excellent at quickly establishing rapport. You enjoy talking to people and do so with enthusiasm and spontaneity. Your style of lively expression is both engaging and effective. You are a fluent speaker who expresses thoughts quickly, optimistically, and persuasively. Also, Janet, you respond to people with flexibility and open-mindedness. You are people-oriented and can easily relate with another person’s point of view.

Leadership style: “You adjust easily to your environment and respond with enthusiasm regarding the achievement of organizational goals. Your discerning perspective, full of insight and understanding, is qualified by your power to select and distinguish as to what is appropriate and excellent. You may prefer to lead by using your persuasive abilities, by developing teamwork among your people, and by relying on team decisions.