What’s Been Said

Having worked with some amazing mentors, colleagues and business partners throughout my career – each of whom have contributed to my professional and personal growth over the years – I am deeply grateful for every experience and especially touched by their kind words of recognition:

“Janet sets an outstanding example of how to work with people of various temperament, personality and commitment at every level in the business, which is key to any business environment!”

“Janet understands the needs of the business and is committed to giving her best. Her organizational skills and great communication, are often the main factors for our successful delivery of many projects.”

“Your energy and ability to stay on top of a million details is amazing and enviable.”

“Janet has a knack for figuring out how complex things happen, and will overlay with her own creativity to ensure that it’s the right work that gets done, on time.”

“Your relationships both internally and externally allow you to succeed in meeting all business needs.”

Ethical, professional, a team player setting a strong example for those around her. Janet, our appreciation for your absolute commitment to the Sesame Street brand and contract!”