Social Media Campaign: Scotties Power of 10

October 2014 – To commemorate Scotties’ 10-year commitment to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF), and as an extension to a fully integrated marketing campaign, the Scotties Power of 10 video became a powerful brand-inspired social media effort with the purpose of raising awareness and funds during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Powerful Message behind the Power of 10:

The short documentary features 10 women affected by breast cancer. Each spoke openly about her diagnosis and about the person who was her pillar of strength throughout her cancer journey. At the end of their dialogues, each woman was handed a private note that, unbeknownst to them, had been written by her supporter in advance of filming. The candidness and pure emotion are delicately captured and this video tribute continues to be a powerful message of love, support and hope.

Campaign elements also included a custom Scotties Facebook application to host the video, additional robust Facebook content (which included a $1-per-video-view donation feature) and online ads.

Leading succinct communication with internal business peers, agency partners and the CBCF coupled with: managing strong agency relationships, coordinating timely approvals of all content and online assets, and ensuring seamless executions; led to an incredibly successful 6-week social media campaign through this strong collaborative effort.

The Power of 10 Goods:

  • The brand-inspired video won BRONZE for Best Sponsorship Campaign at The 2017 Promo Awards Gala
  • Generated 87,905 total video views
  • 5,337,347 impressions – many of which were driven organically through sharing
  • Reached just under 1 million users on Facebook
  • Achieved a 6.47% engaged user rate – 400% higher than the CPG industry average