Traffic Management: Loblaw Companies

PC DecadentThe President’s Choice (PC) brand is perhaps one of the most successful and iconic private label brands that exists in the Canadian market today. Having transcended grocery and household aisles, the PC brand also extends to mobile devices and financial services.

The responsibility of Traffic Manager for the Loblaw Design Department, meant solely managing the packaging development process of the company’s private label brands (approx 1500 SKUs yearly); as well as working closely with multi-disciplinary functions in order to execute some very high-profile product launches in the PC brand’s history.

Perhaps the most notable, was when the company launched PC Blue Menu – a new line of healthy and convenient food items which replaced the PC Too Good To Be True brand.

BM Product CollageThe Goods:

  • PC Blue Menu (PCBM) launched on time, to rave reviews!
  • Managed an award-winning group of designers, production artists, copy writers and graphics team to ensure all packaging elements were on track and completed on time for the PCBM launch
  • Monitored and regularly communicated up-to-date project status and kept all stakeholders abreast of critical milestones and deadlines
  • More than 80 new PC Blue Menu products launched simultaneously, enabling the company’s first comprehensive ‘Healthy Insider’s Report’ campaign