Product Lifecycle Management – CPG

At a high level, Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) of Walmart’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) for a Private Brands Product Manager, entails a process framework similar to the below.

The Goods:

  • Dove into this contract role with all guns blazing, ensuring a seamless transition with all internal and external partners
  • Led and conducted several category business reviews with stakeholders – several key competitive products were developed and added to the private brand portfolio
  • Initiated and managed reformulations and redesigns of over 300 private brand consumables SKUs
  • Transitioned to new suppliers where significant product improvements could be realized

In collaboration with category merchant, identified and developed the #1 private brand paper SKU which to date, continues to compete directly with Costco’s Kirkland SKU.

Identified top-selling national brand SKUs in categories with greatest potential for private brand profitability, improving critical product attributes through formulation and package design.