Merchandising – Cosmetic Fixtures

While developing Joe Fresh Beauty, the creation of custom cosmetic merchandise fixtures was being concurrently conceived with Array Marketing.

The challenge was that every cosmetic SKU (including all packaging components) needed to be finalized before merchandising display prototypes could be conceptualized and developed. While in the midst of developing the Joe Fresh Beauty products, I was also facilitating meetings and juggling approvals of merchandise fixtures this included: design concepts, pre-production prototypes and signage.

Products and fixtures were being developed simultaneously and errors or delays of any sort would throw the entire launch off track! Timing was absolutely critical, launching on time was paramount and maintaining a calm composure throughout was essential!

The Goods:

  • The tower, 9 ft gondola and pallet configurations were developed and mass-produced on time!
  • The three formats allowed Loblaw Companies to maximize the presence of the program in stores of varying layout and space availability
  • Visual branding flexibility was built into each fixture – headers and graphics could easily be updated and changed-out at store level as needed
  • Interchangeable product cassettes allowed for new product innovations to be swapped-in with ease and speed