Chief Creative Contributor – Mobile RPG

Chief Creative Contributor tasked with developing several critical marketing elements in preparation for the launch of this mobile RPG (role-playing game).

Delving Deep Wordmark: Created initial font design concept, produced the final typeface in FontLab and, artistically enhanced the font utilizing creative software to convey an RPG look and feel

Delving Deep Icon: Conceptualized and created the game’s icon for broad use across app stores, website, social media and game promotion

In-Game Elements: Designed and developed the Delving Deep landing page logo, contributed creative direction and content (text) for all cut-scenes and load screens, wrote several limericks and Jori Hints in collaboration with the RPG developer, proofread over 1000 strings (a sequence of characters used to represent text) to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the entire game

Website: Filed appropriate name searches, registered domain name, created wireframe outline, sought adaptable template, created assets (thumbnails, backgrounds) and wrote all content

App Store: Worked closely with the game developer to set-up Delving Deep on Apple’s App Store, including writing content for the game’s sell sheet and privacy policy

Electronic Press Kit: Created and wrote content for Delving Deep’s press page and kit which included a Press Fact Sheet.pdf and in-game screenshots specifically geared towards the mobile gaming audience

Social Media channels: Set up and created the home pages for Twitter & Youtube