What’s Been Said

If you’ve spent some time going through my website, then you’ve read quite a bit about what I’ve written about myself. And so, I think it’s only fair to share what others have had to say about me. I’ve worked with some amazing mentors, colleagues and business partners throughout my career – each has, in some way, contributed to my professional growth and success over the years. I’ve learned from them, been challenged by them and I’ve succeeded with them…
Here’s what some have had to say:

“In the short time that we have worked together, I have seen you as a strong and successful contributor to the overall business. You have a strong understanding of company objectives and have the skill set to deliver to these objectives – your relationships both internally and externally allow you to succeed in meeting all business needs. With the launch of the Joe Fresh cosmetics range, you had to wear many hats – you jumped in and managed this very effectively and should be extremely proud.” – Director, HBC, Loblaw Brands Ltd.

“Janet understands the needs of the business and is committed to giving 100%. Ethical, professional, a team player setting a strong example for those around her. Janet, our appreciation for your absolute committment to the Sesame Street brand and contract!” – Director, GM Control Label

“Once again, Janet has proven herself as a great Traffic Manager, hard worker and team player. She understands the needs of the business and is committed to giving her best. Her organizational skills in combination with the great communication Janet provides, are often a main factor of our successful delivery of many projects. Ethical and always professional, certainly valuable and well-liked.” – Director, Design Services, Loblaw Brands Ltd.

The comments below have been taken from a confidential 360 employee feedback survey:

“Janet sets an outstanding example of how to work with people of various temperament, personality and commitment, at every level in the business – key to any business environment!”

“Your energy and ability to stay on top of a million details is amazing and enviable.”

“Janet carries with her a friendly, positive and supportive attitude. She is a pleasure to work with!”

“Your innate ability to successfully manage and execute complex projects is exceptional.”