Website Development: Mirror Ball

 MB2012 Web Layout  MB2013 Web Layout

It was April 2012 when I took on the responsibility of directing and managing the development of the website – the primary online vehicle used to promote and generate buzz for the November fundraiser. In order to maximize the website’s online presence well in advance of the event, I needed to get the site up and running ASAP! This was accomplished by leading an expedited development process that included:

  • Writing a detailed Project Brief with clear expectations for the overall design, navigational/user interface, and self-sufficient Content Management System
  • Writing the site’s content and providing the web developers with all necessary design assets in a timely manner
  • Leading the project management of the site build, enlisting regular feedback and collaborating with the web developers daily

The Goods:

  • The new 2012 Mirror Ball website was successfully deployed in June, just 8 weeks after briefing the web developers
  • Some new features in the build, allowed the Foundation to realize internal processing efficiencies
  • With a solid architecture in place, the 2013 Mirror Ball website was ‘re-freshed’ in less than 2 weeks and went live in March, 8 months in advance of the gala