Theme Ideation & Creative Concepts

WW Theme CollageTheme Ideation: 2013 Mirror Ball Fundraising Gala

In putting together theme proposals for the Mirror Ball fundraiser and after having conducted some research of my own, I decided to pitch an additional theme: Winter Wonderland. This theme was very appropriate considering the time of year the gala takes place and, because it had never been utilized before, I was hopeful that it would be chosen!

When all of the themes, which included colour, fabric and decor recommendations, were presented to the Mirror Ball Event Committee and Winter Wonderland was unanimously selected, I have to admit that I was secretly doing a happy dance inside.

Theme Adaptation & Creative Concepts: Winter Wonderland

With the theme selected, next was to develop design concepts for presentation to the Event Committee – the one chosen would dictate the creative for all of the gala’s marketing vehicles (print, on-line, etc) and the venue’s on-site decor.

A wonderful quote by Norman Vincent Peale inspired me to introduce a tagline that would convey the magic of winter and the true spirit of this fundraiser.

In working closely with the graphic designer throughout the creative development process, in my  Creative Concepts Presentation you will see how the use of the tagline and imagery were used to create 3 distinct design options. The PowerPoint presentation was supported by visual design boards (hi-res outputs mounted on foam-core with corresponding Pantone chips) and group discussion.