Brand & Product Development: Joe Fresh Beauty

Joe Fresh Beauty was Loblaw Companies’ first foray into private label cosmetics. My experience in cosmetics development was zilch when I was chosen to solely lead this initiative; and with just over one year to bring this very complex and high-profile program to market – the pressure was ON!

JF Beauty Collage

How would Joe Fresh, a brand just  recently established in the apparel market, translate into a cosmetic one? What was the product strategy? What was the retail strategy? What costs and margins did the business need to achieve? How would we promote? Would we promote? What was the go-to-market plan? How would I manage the expectations of the business, gain and maintain stakeholder alignment, and ensure consistency of brand standards across multiple vendors throughout the development process… oh yes, AND launch the program in time for spring?!

The questions were endless and the answers were unknown – the business was embarking on a brand new journey and I was responsible for finding the solutions and paving the way.

The Goods:

  • Joe Fresh Beauty debuted March 2009, on time!, gracing the shelves of over 260 Loblaws stores nationwide
  • By pioneering Loblaws’ first turn-key development model, I created a process that increased speed-to-market and enabled a comprehensive launch within exceptionally tight and unprecedented timelines
  • Consisting of 200 cosmetic products, each SKU was on time and in-store for the launch date
  • Identified key trends/must-have items for the line-up, three were executed and ranked in the top 10 sales (Y1)
  • Within six months of the launch, sales were exceeding forecasts and on-track to double by year end